I will make you into anime/fantasy/doll/elf character

I love it -- Great job!
Reviewed by roxzee about 4 years ago
Reviewed by highpeak about 4 years ago
Git the pic. Thanks!
Reviewed by waxman about 4 years ago
cool, cheers
Reviewed by brigga78 over 4 years ago
Thanks!! So fast and so beautiful!! I'm very impressed!
Reviewed by rhiannon147 over 4 years ago
It's horrifying- if the photo isn't going to work for your technique you should notify the client. She looks like she has a bloody eye!
Reviewed by ikesmith about 4 years ago
lol aw cute. thanks! using this!
Reviewed by adixon714 over 4 years ago
I'm an adorable elf! :-> Thank you
Reviewed by jameweb over 4 years ago
Thank you very much!
Reviewed by oruuga over 4 years ago
Love it, great job! Thanks AP
Reviewed by solmax over 4 years ago
thank you
Reviewed by educationx over 4 years ago
Amazing work!
Reviewed by musearticles over 4 years ago
Reviewed by fratpunkboy over 4 years ago
Very good. Thanks.
Reviewed by crowhill over 4 years ago
Thanks! Love it!!!
Reviewed by ajackson100 over 4 years ago
make you into anime/fantasy/doll/elf character
make you into anime/fantasy/doll/elf character
make you into anime/fantasy/doll/elf character

About This Gig

I will turn you into mystical looking creature! This is my favorite type of photomanipulation to do. I love turning people into mystical looking creatures. Become fantasy character/elf/ anime doll - all I need is your photo ^__^ P.S. I have very free three days a week, so it means that I will be able to do the gig immediately and you won't have to wait 5 days. USUALLY it won't take more than 2 days. Keep in mind that I do everything manually, theres no 'automatic' mode, so all pictures turn out differently. I work hard and sincerely on every photo, it doesn't take 10 or 30 minutes to be done. It is lots of work and I do it because I enjoy turning people into magical looking creatures ^__^ After finishing the best thing is when person is happy with the result. So please, if you don't like something, tell me whats bothering you and I will change it gladly ^_^ I put so much into my work so its important for me that people are happy with the result. <3

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