I will write crap for you

write crap for you

About This Gig

Hello there! I'll keep it pretty basic and just tell you that I will write for you. Whether you need a research paper, essay, manifesto, article, love letter to your twenty-seven cats, blog, Tom Hiddleston fanfiction, or anything else you could possibly throw at me, I can do it (unless it involves math, in which case you can leave that devil mumbo-jumbo in the algebra book from whence it came). I have thousands of writing samples that I can give you. I recently drafted a six page paper for someone in an hour in a subject I have never studied. Not only did she get 100%, she also got feedback that she paid very good attention in class. I am a grammar Nazi, and I won the 5th grade spelling bee if that makes a difference to you. As long as I have coffee, I can get your writing done within a day, but don't be afraid to message me and say "help, I've procrastinated and need this crap done seventeen minutes ago." Bring forth your writing projects!

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