I will shield you with powerful protective energies

shield you with powerful protective energies
shield you with powerful protective energies

About This Gig

Protection is necessary for all of us. The more successful you become, the more visibile you become and the more of a target.

Don't wait for problems to occur. Protect yourself now with a powerful protection spell.

Having powerful protective energies increases your effectiveness in the material world and also increases your luck.

I can cast custom proection spells to meet your needs. Please message me to discuss the details.

When you order any gig, you'll recieve my FREE report entitled " How to uncross your energies and increase your protective powers!". This report is packed with valuable information and is your to keep.

I look forward to serving you!

Order Details

1 protection ritual

I will cast a powerful protection spell to shield you from negative energy

1 day delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly will i experience the benefit of your protective energies spell?
    Because protection is an instinctual need in us all, you will experience an increase in protective abilities within 3 days. Using the information in the free report will dramatically speed up the flow of protective energies to you.
  • How long will these protective energies last in my energy field?
    Depends on the power put into the spell at the time of casting/ the level of your need for these energies. The basic spell will shield you from negativity for about a week. The double power spell will give you about 3 weeks of protection. The triple power spell will protect you for about 30 days.
  • What kind of results will i experience?
    It depends on many factors. Clients of mine have avoided major accidents that could have caused death, they have avoided situations that cvould have turned out deadly.
  • How do protective energies work?
    They act asa cushion to protect you from negative energies either by reflection or nullifcation.