I will program arduino based circuits

Best seller ever..so fast response for my inquiries....I'll ask for his help again in the future ..just realized that there are so many interesting projects that can be done with Arduino...so many more fun projects to come
Reviewed by minn_haziq 8 months ago
great guy
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Phenomenal with correspondence, code to circuit building. Very aware of task at hand and can help with all phases of your project. One of the best Arduino freelancers on Fiverr
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Outstanding Experience!
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program arduino based circuits

About This Gig

Electronic circuit design is a hobby of mine. I have experience in designing and implementing circuits.

I will design circuit and write Arduino sketch to meet your project requirements.
  • Send/receive data from PC using Java program
  • Interface with sensors (IR, ultrasonic, hall etc..)
  • Motor controlling (DC motor, servo)
  • Drive LCD displays
  • GSM, RTC controlling
  • LED driving
  • Data persistence using EEPROM of Arduino

Please explain your requirement clearly during ordering.
For 1 gig, I will provide only Arduino sketch less than 100 lines with functionalities of initial requirement.

I am capable of building
GSM, LED & LCD driving, IR, ultrasonic & Servo controlling circuits practically to verify functionality.
If you need to simulate the circuit, I can send Proteus circuit design. (See extras)

  • Project budget depends on the complexity and amount of work. Therefore please contact me with your requirements.
  • Your ideas are 100% safe. I will accept NDA for all projects.
  • Please contact me If you are willing to buy "Express gig". It will not be possible to complete project within 2 days.