I will concept and Create your Database

concept and Create your Database

About This Gig

Hello Fiverr's 

If you don't know how to make your database?
if you are looking for a database consultant ?
Don't hesitate contacting me, i will make it look very easy.
your database class conception will be done by a click.
Just give me what you need

Database is delivered with:

static Diagrams
  • Class Diagram + the schema relational on third Normal Form
works ++:
  • Entity Relationship Model diagram + Document describe the Relationship between the element of the system
  • Document that give you a total step by step installing queries using MySQL or ORACLE.

Functional Diagrams
  • User case Diagram + Document that describe the functionality of the system

Dynamic Diagrams
  • sequence diagram

and Finally 
  • Step by Step Document that give you finally the ability to extend your data base.(I will give you my experience ,by this step your database will be uniform, you can use it for any app, just flow the instruction in this document.Now you can forget about making a  database every time you wont to make an application).

Note for professional : there is many other  diagrams here they are:
static Diagrams
component diagram...
Dynamic Diagrams
+Communication Diagram
+Activity Diagram

Please contact me if you got any Question.

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