I will manufacture or distribute your DVD

great job
Reviewed by lisa4112 about 1 year ago
great job
Reviewed by lisa4112 over 1 year ago
manufacture or distribute your DVD

About This Gig

DVD Manufacturing & Distribution: For filmakers its a 50/50 - in which 50 percent of the work that filmmakers are now responsible for is making the film (what most filmmakers used to consider 100 percent of their job), and the other 50 percent is to distribute and market their films (or connect their films to an audience). This situation has risen because there are fewer distributors acquiring and releasing films, while there are many more films being produced. The DVDs manufactured in my facility is as good or better than similar products found in retail outlets. We print digitally in full color directly on the disc surface, and case inserts and covers. We don’t use peel-able labels or inkjet printers like other bullshit distributors out there. Our cases are even sealed with cellophane wrap. We’ll even send you a review copy of your product FREE. I'll even set you up with a unique selling page for your DVD title that features a full two-minute video preview.