I will clean up malware from your computer or server

clean up malware from your computer or server

About This Gig

If your System is compromised with a Malware or virus, the attacker can cause real damage to you with using your System for Spam, Sniffing your Data and Passwords, DDoS Attacks and a lot more.

Nowadays its really easy to do information gathering on your system and use known exploits to break into your system

The last solution in such a situation is to remove the virus and close the security hole to keep the impact as small as possible.

Why should you choose me?
  • Experience: I'm a experienced Security Consultant for some years now and I have written my own Exploits and Viruses to see what is possible and what is not.
  • Knowledge: As an B. Sc. in Information Security I understand the concepts behind specific virus types and will do the whole cleaning for you.
  • Certified: I'm the only one on Fiverr who had done the OSCP-Certificate, verifying a deep knowledge of all Hacking Aspects.
  • Laboratory: I have a unique Laboratory to deeply investigate the Virus and/or Malware and verifying my Results.

Please feel free to contact me before you order.

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Malware Remove

finding Malware/Virus on your System and remove it

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