I will do reverse engineering work

do reverse engineering work

About This Gig

I will do nearly every Reverse Engineering task you need to be done.
It does not matter if you just need an Memory Address of an Program, want to have the full Source Code or want a function to be overwritten.

Why should you choose me?
  • Experience: Reverse Engineering is part of my daily work. In 2015 I've done an Reverse Engineering Project with checking around 50 Android Security Apps(Anti-Virus) for Security Issues. Well I've found in nearly every App Security Flaws.
  • Knowledge: Knowing the Assembler Language and how the CPU works with memory allocation and its Registers.
  • Developer: I'm a programmer myself speaking the most common languages as Java(also Android), C/++, .NET (C#, Visual C..), Python, Lua and much more.
  • Environment: I have a unique Environment with a lot of expensive Software, high Hardware Ressources and different operating systems.

Please feel free to contact me before you Order.

Order Details

1 day delivery 1 Revision


reverse the written software and give you the source code

  • Include Source Code