I will run your ad 7x a day for a week on a real radio station

Thanks for airing my short story commercial.
Reviewed by piratesweep 3 months ago
Gig was well priced and the seller was quick to respond and notify me of my order fulfillment. Thank you.
Reviewed by johnamaker 8 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by blue33781 over 1 year ago
Will definitely do business again.
Reviewed by dianes2010 about 2 years ago
Great! Thank you! Will use again! A+++
Reviewed by nlssystems about 2 years ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by goody48 over 2 years ago
This is an outstanding station. Get ready for the next set of commercials. Yes?
Reviewed by whatdidtheydo over 2 years ago
run your ad 7x a day for a week on a real radio station
run your ad 7x a day for a week on a real radio station

About This Gig

C105! - The Hottest Hits receives an impressive listener rate at any given time and has over 28,000 archived listeners. Why choose this gig? Check out the list below for a few of the features:

  • C105! is aired across several different radio apps (iOS, Andriod, Windows and more!)
  • Your song will be played for 1 week via regular rotation
  • Played 7 times throughout the day between 7am and 10pm 
  • Receive the listening url to hear it for yourself
  • Receive it's scheduled airtime so you know when it's being played

At C105! we have a massive library of over 1,500 tracks and a network of ads that play continuously from Kentucky, USA. Slots are very limited.

We have a very expensive automated radio station including professional equipment, DJs that talk regularly, scheduled programming and an advertisement network. We're the full 9 yards!

This is perfect for anyone who is looking for cheap but effective advertising. If you don't have a commercial created yet, don't worry! I have a gig for that too. Just check out my profile! @knightsguard