I will mystery call to check for excellent customer service

mystery call to check for excellent customer service

About This Gig

21 Orders And Growing!!!

Customer Service:

When it comes to customer service, I believe that it is the gateway to the next time you see business. The provisions of service to customers before during and after a purchase is crucial when it come to the perception of a company.

That is why I decided to offer my services to business who totally rely on thier Customer Services being A One.

My Goal:

Is to audio record, take notes, jot down, and file a report on the effectiveness of the customer service rep, who is handling customers complaints, worries, questions, and to check how thorough thier knowledge is of the product or service.

I want to make sure that:

1. the customer has a good experience.

2. that the customer service is treating your customers with respect.

3. that they carry a friendly and helpful attitude.

4. that they are able to troubleshoot  and assist the customer properly.

Hours of operation:

Monday thru Saturday 9:00am to 10:00pm

I document every call, and email documented findings to whom you desire.

I record reps name, date, time and can send you an copy of mp3 if requested.