I will professionally review your hip hop album

professionally review your hip hop album

About This Gig

Hi there. I have been writing for numerous hip hop websites over the years and as a result I have had to review many hip hop albums. I will write for you a professional review which will consist of at least 500 words, the review will reflect your album in a positive light but will be down to earth by drawing out and recognizing the quality points.

Please allow a maximum of 7 days for your album review, I choose a week so I can fully absorb the entire album in order to write a thorough review.

As an additional bonus, I will also send out the review of your album to my entire subscriber base of over 95,000 hip hop fans.

If your music doesn't match our audience then I have the right to request a cancellation of the gig for both of our interests.

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7 days delivery