I will provide uk tax consultancy hmrc tax return service

provide uk tax consultancy hmrc tax return service

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Description Basic Questions File opening fee Full consultancy
  Answer basic tax related questions. Maximum 5 questions and answers will be brief and to the point. My minimum charge to take your case for on-line filing, consultancy etc. (Commissions separate) Full range of consultancy services including working tax credits, accounts review, online filing etc
Delivery time 7 days 7 days 15 days
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About This Gig

***You do not have to buy my gig if I think I cannot save you money. Submit your files for a FREE ASSESSMENT and then you decide. No questions asked if you decide not to buy.***

Do you have any questions related to taxation in the United Kingdom?
Do you wish to get a greater tax rebate?
Do you want to pay less taxes without breaking any law?

If the answer is yes, this gig is for you. 

I can help in the following areas:
  • UK corporate tax calculation
  • UK self assessment tax return
  • HMRC tax filing on-line
  • Any questions related to taxation
  • Tax Credits consultancy

Please read the FAQs Carefully before purchasing this gig. Please confirm everything in inbox before purchasing this gig because I DONOT accept all cases.

Fees Guide:
Case opening fee (Minimum): 50 USD
Commission on all cases: 20% of tax saved
Gig extra's payable over and above the case opening fee.
The premium 200 USD package is for those who prefer a flat rate over commission. However I do not accept flat rates for all clients. So make sure to contact me first before purchasing the premium package.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I get for 1 gig?
    You will get short, to the point answers to your tax related questions.
  • What do you mean by simple and complex accounts?
    Simple accounts = 35 or less transaction on average in a moth. Anything above that is considered to be complex.
  • What is case opening fee?
    That is the minimum fee I charge to look at your files and provide consultancy. Please note that this fee is NON-Refundable and your case will be opened with me as long as you are satisfied within that tax year. However, you must make extra payments for additional services.
  • What will I get for 50 USD?
    Usually ONE tax related service is provided with this fee along with the case opening. For example: Online submission of your Corporation Tax.
  • How can I know that you will save my tax?
    Please inbox me for a FREE assessment, no strings attached. Only pay the case opening fee once you are happy with my assessment.
  • What are commission?
    I charge 20% of the tax that I save you as my commission. Example: Initial tax liability: 1000 pounds, According to my assessment: 800 pounds. Total savings : 200 pounds. Commission 200x20%= 40 pounds.