I will teach you tricks of internet marketing

teach you tricks of internet marketing

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internet is a vast ocean full of all kinds of weird crap...now many people (like my dumb ass classmates) use the internet for one thing and one thing only - TO SOCIALIZE....but there is a vast section (like me or you) who are ahead of the curve...they know the potential of marketing online.....we know that if you just press the right buttons and put in a little bit of effort then you could probably become the envy of your friends....although i am young my experience in this field is as good as anybody...my aim is to provide you with the guideline...the starting point so that you can make your way from then on...provide you with different links, ideas websites, even people just like my who are in the business of internet marketing...but hey it's tough work....i only lay the foundation..the job of constructing the building is yours..

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