I will find you a download link for any textbook

find you a download link for any textbook

About This Gig

Anyone who has gone to college knows that tuition isn't the only bill you have to worry about. There is another that's almost as frightening: the textbook bill. Costs for a single semester of books can easily run upwards of $500. Not only that, but if you have ever tried to sell those  back to recoup some money you've learned they're worth next to nothing. But now, there's a way to avoid all that and get them for practically nothing! The magical answer is PDFs. PDFs are digital copies of books that can be read from the comfort of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can fit thousands of them on almost any device, giving you the added benefit of not having to lug all that heavy weight around. But how do you get these PDFs you ask?


When you purchase this gig and tell me which book you need, I will provide you with a download link to it. So, instead of spending hundreds this semester, why not get everything for cheap? (I can also find solution manuals!)

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