I will write an alluring short story for you for $5

write an alluring short story for you
write an alluring short story for you

About This Gig

I am very addicted to script and short story writing.I love to involve my creativity and knowledge in my writing.

As already being a script writer,I am also interested to pen short stories for fiverr users.(Please verify my short film gig for reference).

Therefore,I am ready to write a short story for any kind of concept.The story length and concept can be decided by you.If you are not sure of your concept,i am here to help you.

My short film scripts will be provided as a sample for you to discern my skills.

I will be very loyal and trustworthy.I value people more than money.So,please get rid of your monetary issues.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Before ordering,please contact me to take part in a discussion.So we will get a bright view of our project.