I will provide six resume and cover letter templates

provide six resume and cover letter templates

About This Gig

I will send you six different resume templates along with matching cover letter and reference page templates. All of the documents are provided as .doc and .docx files.

Along with the documents, you'll get a Microsoft Word document explaining each of the different styles and who each one might work best for.

The documents include dummy text, all you have to do is replace it with your own information and you'll be good to go. Or if you hate dealing with the occasional cantankerousness of Microsoft Word (don't we all?), then for an extra $5 I will put your resume text into the template of your choice.

If several of them seem close but not quite right, I can meld a couple of them into a style that suits you for $5 extra.

Order Details

Resume package

You'll get six templates for resumes, cover letters and references.

1 day delivery