I will write a short story for you

write a short story for you

About This Gig

I will write a short story of any topic for you for $5. Every 250 words is $5, so order accordingly! Below is a sample of a piece of writing that I have done. "In the distance, an owl hooted. It's lonely call echoed through the forest waking a number of slumbering animals. The leaves rustled gently and fell to the ground with an almost inaudible thud. It seemed as if the entire forest had come to a standstill. Even the shadows cast by the magnificent oaks seemed to have momentarily paused. Up above, the sentinel stars rained down majestic brilliance. Each twinkled to the timing of its own metronome, flashing one by one. The moon had stooped down from its high throne and appeared to have decided to come closely to the planet. Its white flawless radiance reflected perfectly in the mirror-like lake. Ah yes, the lake! It shimmered every so slightly, as if to tease the serene atmosphere. The water had taken on a pudding-like quality and seemed to move as one rather than as individual particles. It was the perfect night and the whole forest appeared to have converged on this moment."