About This Gig

Would you like to know how your aura looks? Colors, vibration and message? Well this is the gig for you. Are you curious to know what is going on with you energetically? Knowing what goes on in your energectic aura field, provides insights for you to see why you are attracting certain things into your life. I look at the 1.Root/Foundation 2. Sacral/Joy & Emotion 3. Solar Plexus/Will 4. Heart Chakra/Divine Love 5. Throat/ Your communication 6. Brow/Your intuitive self 7. Crown/ Connection with the Divine. Included with this gig is my exclusive channeled prayers to align each chakra. So not only do you get the reading you receive the prayer/meditations as a bonus!!! -------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT ME----> I am a psychic intuitive who sees clients in the Pacific Northwest. I am a Christ Consciousness Channel, and work with the Archangels and Healing Teachers of Light. I conduct my readings using my clairvoyance and clairaudience. sight. !