I will write any kind of text in 5 days

write any kind of text in 5 days

About This Gig

 I am more than ready to do my best in any kind of writing: I am willing to search, research, write and rewrite, learn new and refresh old skills, and do whatever else it takes- all in order to pursue my dream (to write write, write!) and help You to fulfill yours (or die trying).

 I consider myself as a creative writer, philosopher and an eternal rebel, but in reality- I'm just another lawyer.

I write about important issues in an approachable style and funny manner, and about light topics: vice versa.

My broad education, wide specter of interests and hours spent on reading Russian classics, same as the comic books and irrelevant blog posts, have enabled me to write (and think!) about almost anything.

So, I'm here to learn hard, to work even harder, but above all to have fun. I hope that You will find useful to let me include You in it too.

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5 days delivery


search, research, write, rewrite, and do whatever else it takes

  • Topic Research
  • Commercial Use
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This Package includes 1500 words. For each additional 500 words, the price is $5.