I will produce your web commercial

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produce your web commercial
produce your web commercial

About This Gig

In this gig, I'll record up to 40 words from your script in full HD on a green screen. Each additional 40 words is another $5 gig extra.

Example: if your script is 235 words, you will need to order my $5 gig  and 5 gig extras for more words to total  $30.

If your script is longer than 100 words and I make a mistake while reading from the teleprompter I will insert a standard cross dissolve to mix the videos together. 

I do not offer redos unless I made a mistake. Dissolving multiple clips together to create the entire script is not considered a mistake.

I will not read for any product or service that is pornographic or otherwise against my values. Ni binary options or get rich quick schemes. Please contact me before ordering if you feel like your requirements may interfere with an average person's values. I will also not promote your fiver gigs.

Your video will be in 1080 HD.

I will wear a button up shirt like the one in the video unless you request something else (extra).

I will record this on a white background like in the demo video unless you choose one of the other options.