I will build an ADWORDS campaign for your Service Business

build an ADWORDS campaign for your Service Business
build an ADWORDS campaign for your Service Business

About This Gig

Service business owner!

You are here because you recognize the value in having an experienced team of AdWords pros help with your online marketing.

AdLeg's in-house experts specialize in keyword research, copywriting, and overall AdWords campaign optimization.

► Please message us BEFORE ordering this gig so we can approve your site. We only work with businesses we think can do well with AdWords.◄

Here's what you'll get:

We'll set up a search campaign in your AdWords account that utilizes our "lead maximizer" settings we've developed and used in hundreds of successful service business campaigns.

This campaign will include FOUR ad groups (5-20 keywords & two text ads per ad group).

We'll also research and include a starting list of negative keywords for your campaign.

To help your ads stand out, Sitelink Extensions, Callout Extensions, & Call Extensions will be included (Google won't always show these). See examples above.


☞  Additional ad groups will be $20 for every TWO ad groups.


Order Details

Google AdWords Campaign Setup

Get a powerful AdWords lead generation campaign for your service business.

  • Campaign Development
  • Account Setup
7 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an ad group?
    An ad group is a narrowly-focused group of keywords with ads written to maximize traffic from these searches. Different services/topics need different ad groups.
  • Do you manage AdWords campaigns?
    We do offer AdWords campaign management, but it is not a service we can offer on Fiverr. We can discuss that option after we build your campaign, or you can do a Google search for "adleg" and you should see our ad with more information about our management service.
  • What should my AdWords budget be?
    We're not able to suggest a starting budget because there are so many variables involved and it's different for everyone. It's usually best to just start with an amount you're comfortable with. Kyle goes into some more detail on this topic here: http://adleg.com/adwords-budget-estimator
  • Do I need to give you my Google password?
    No, we don't need (or want) your password. To access your account, we just need your AdWords Customer ID number. We will request access through our Google Partner Agency account. Once you approve our request, we will be able to set up your AdWords campaign.