I will covert pdf into ms Word, Excel and jpg photo or viseversa

covert pdf into ms Word, Excel and jpg photo or viseversa

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Description Get Unzipped converted files Get Zipped converted files Get Scanned+Zipped files
  In this basic package you will receive Unzipped(Unsafe) folder with your documents. In this package, you will receive a safe Zipped Folder. You will receive a supersafe zipped folder including all your files in all format!
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About This Gig

Get all your PDFs converted in MS Excel, MS Word, Images and vice-versa.

All the file conversions we perform:
( PDF='||' )
  1. || to Word.
  2. || to Excel.
  3. || to Image(.jpeg,.png,.gif)
  4. Word to ||
  5. Excel to ||
  6. Image(.jpeg,.png,.gif) to ||

We also convert:

  1. .mp4 to .avi
  2. .mp4 to .mov
  3. .mp4 to .mp3
  4. .mp4 to .wav
  5. .avi to .mp4
  6. .mov to .mp4
  7. .avi to .mov
  8. .mov to .avi

You are free to suggest us more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the Files converted by your Basic package safe to download?
    Files of basic package aren't zipped which may catch virus if sent to you by a undefined source. However, we would surely take care of your files so that it will not be damaged. But, if the source file contain virus which are sent from you then you may get that virus back. So be sure to scan files.
  • Are your Zipped folders of standard package safe?
    Yes they are surely safe because they are Zipped. But if the source file is virused already by you, we are not responsible for Zipped folder containing viruses! So be sure you scan your files before sending us.
  • Is it necessary to scan files before sending you when applying to premium package?
    No, it is not at all necessary to scan files if you are applying to the Premium Package. We'll scan files for you from our side, convert it in safer way, Zip it and will send you through a safe medium.(Only for people applying to premium Package)