I will develop innovative business strategies helping expansion

develop innovative business strategies helping expansion

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Description Business Selective Points Business Strategy Business Growth Orientation
  Basic Points will be touched Strategic Points along with the Basic Points will be touched Previous Points PLUS mapping growth oriented business specific strategies
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About This Gig

Basic -

Depending upon the product (service) of your business few selected points will be mentioned which are the backbone of your business. This is entirely business specific. The points need to be thought over and addressed by the buyer to bring in necessary improvements. This exercise will set a logical path and will work as a guide for developing business.


Standard -

This step will add strategic points in addition to the basic points discussed above. The buyer needs to think over and address those points.


Premium -

This step will show the buyer some more critical strategies with a map or path on how to implement them in order to ensure the growth of existing business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which kind of business do you support?
    Any kind of business.
  • How much would you like to know about our business?
    Please send us i) type of your business ii) products of your business iii) market segments you are catering.
  • What is meant by selected points of basic?
    This is business specific. Say for steel business - Ratio of growth of sale of long product to growth of demand of steel in the construction segment that your business is catering to.
  • What are strategic points ?
    Strategic points are to win over more market, e.g. what are you doing to win over more customers of long product segment?
  • What is strategy mapping?
    It is like a plan which shows how to win over customers of your business.