I will do simple Music Arrangement

do simple Music Arrangement
do simple Music Arrangement

About This Gig

I'll do basic Music Arrangement and will be using Midi & Real Samples, please do keep in mind that's no audio recording will be involve.

I will arranges your song with basic instruments like drum, bass, piano, simple string, intro & solo.. the purpose for this is to hear how's your song sound like with a backing track..
Proper Music Arrangement will cost you many gigs and I'll need more time.. but if you need me to proceed with a better one then we can discuss on that.

I accept any guide vocal that recorded with phone or anything else.. as long as your singing can be hear clearly, I'll maybe align your song with the music if your guide is in tempo..and please keep the file as smaller as you can.. (I dont have a faster broadband and not much of quota..)
When it's done I will send you the Mp3 of;
  1. Instrumental Track
  2. Track with your Vocal align to the music (if it's posible)
Lastly.. I promise that you'll get this gig really worth or more..
maybe you'll be the next famous composer, we'll never know..
Either you're serious or just for fun composer, I'm here to help..
see you :)

Please do contact me before you proceed with order, I'll only take Fiverr order when I'm free..Thanks :)

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