I will write Original Drum Track

write Original Drum Track

About This Gig

I'm a full time Music & Video Supports for few production company and works mostly at home..  Now ready to expand my services to anyone and anywhere you are..
I'll write/compose original drums line for your track.. but please do contact me before you proceed with your order

  • Limited to 6 min.. (pls get another Gig for extra time)
  • Send Your Tracks (preferably Mp3)
  • Please Includes Tracks Info (bpm, Drum type, Genre..etc)
  • I accept Rough Demo. (not recorded with Clicks) but pls get extra Gig since I need to do extra work & time for that. (will send the Drum track only.. will not align your song track with the drums)
  • I'll send the final drum track in 24 bit/44.1 kHz Stereo Wav format.  (Please request for other resolution or format)
  • Please get Extra Gig if you need the Drums Midi File.
  • Also another Extra Gig if you need individual tracks in Wav. (Kick,Snare..etc)
  • Please do remember it's not a Live Recorded Drum but in Midi Real Sample

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