I will create your eCommerce Corporate Identity

create your eCommerce Corporate Identity

About This Gig

You may wonder how to create an eCommerce identity in front of buyers which will help you gain trust and sales. This is what I will help you with.

The process related to establishing your identity follow these steps:

  • Design custom eBay/Amazon store and listing template = $50 + $50 & 4 Days.
  • Add a product with listing template, Massive SEO, Researched Item Title and links to similar and other items on your store = $15 & 2 Days.
  • Create email signature and newsletter = $10 & 1 Day.
  • Create Social Media pages to promote your business = $10 & 1 Day.
  • Update your store & all listings each month = $50 & 10 Days
  • Learn how to sell most effectively yourself = $50 & 10 Days

Process is flexible and can be bent or stretched according to your budget.
Please message me first before buying my gig for queries, 
detailed quotation and unwanted cancellations.