I will create powerpoint presentation in record time

create powerpoint presentation in record time

About This Gig


(No other PowerPoint seller has a design sense like I have)


  1. PowerPoint's take time to create. Creating them is NOT a 10 minute deal like a voice-over. A 20 slide presentation takes me over 2 hours to create, because I mix & match 100's of designs, fonts & effects to make sure the result is PERFECT!
  2. Please check out other sellers before you buy from me. I want you to get a sense of what "junk" is being sold out there.
  3. I use the latest version of PowerPoint (2013) to create presentations. I've worked on Power Point for many years & have excellent design skills to make your audience go WOW!


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  1. Per slide - $2
  2. 24 hour RUSH delivery - $20 extra.
  3. 3 day EXPRESS delivery - $10 extra.
  4. 5 day PRIORITY delivery - $5 extra.
  5. Video - $10 extra per 2 minutes.
  6. PDF - $5 extra


  • Design companies would charge you over $500 for the exact same work I do (I know cause I've worked in the design industry).
  • Discounts (up to 10%) offered on large projects.
  • Unlimited Revisions!
  • Send me a message for a quote or if you have any questions.