I will do camera tracking on any footage

do camera tracking on any footage

About This Gig

Hello, in this service i will offer you camera track with accurate tracking results. 
By default i will use after effects. If you want me to use any other software then please let me know about it before starting the project.

I am experienced VFX artist working in Mumbai. 
For work you can give me footage from any source and camera: 
Any dSLR 

I will deliver final work in *.mov 
If you need it in any other format let me know about it.


I am extremely sorry as i cannot upload my work video with this gig. its because of fiverr team they demand me to add audio along with video. And my video dont have audio so my video was rejected. If any buyer before giving order wants to see my work video just message me i will send you.

Price may vary from footage to footage. 
Turnaround depends on the shot you provide me.