I will amazing WORDCLOUD for you

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Reviewed by dovbaron about 2 months ago
amazing WORDCLOUD for you
amazing WORDCLOUD for you
amazing WORDCLOUD for you
amazing WORDCLOUD for you

About This Gig



  • You can choose the words, colors and shape to be used for the design
  • Rectangle, circle, heart or star shape is included;  CUSTOM SHAPES are available as an extra
  • Use this word cloud for: website graphics, canvas prints, T-shirts, greeting cards, ads, flyers, business-cards and more


  1. How many words do I need to supply? A: there is no minimum, but for most projects 10-20 words is a nice target. The less words, the more repetition there will be. Single words or short phrases work best.
  2. Can I choose any font? A: You can choose from a selection of 30 fonts or add the custom font extra.
  3. Can I use foreign language characters? A: languages with a Latin-based alfabet are fine, but Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Greek and Russian characters for example will not render properly.
  4. Will I need to re-order to change the wordlist, font, sizes or colors? A: Yes, such changes will require a $5 basic gig re-order - there are no free revisions unless I made a mistake 
  5. Can you use any shape? A: Technically, yes, but solid shapes with distinctive silhouettes work best.