I will mentor you to improve your screenplay

mentor you to improve your screenplay

About This Gig

There are moments when we write our scripts for our films and short films when we feel something isn't good enough, that something feels like it could use some depth or that we just don't know what we are trying to say with our story. That is where I come in.

I offer to read your script and analyse its characters, actions, plot, themes, symbols and structure and then send to you a word document where I help you with whatever the problem is that you are facing with the crafting of your story, I will also add my comments and appreciations of your idea. You may answer this document with comments and questions which I will respond to up to three times.

I will do 50 pages for 5$, if there are more than 50 pages on your script we negotiate since am not going to charge you 10$ for 60 pages...   

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7 days delivery