About This Gig

Recordings often sound terrible over the phone, and that's why you need to start with the best quality recording possible so that you get the best results.

Your customers must hear a professional greeting when they answer the phone.

I have a state of the art digital recording studio and you can hear the clarity of my voice when I speak above.

Your purchase of this gig gets you 1 minute of recorded voiceover audio.

Whatever fits in this time frame, I will read, and cut into separate files so you can enter what you need into your company's phone answering system. Order this gig, and I guarantee your satisfaction.

*I can also record your greeting directly to your phone answering system if this is what you require.

*Also, if your script is between 150-200 words, I ask that you purchase another gig unit to complete this job, and anything over 200 words, please purchase the addon for $10 additional dollars to double entire the length