I will give you a Winter Special 3 for the price of 1

give you a Winter Special 3 for the price of 1

About This Gig

We're intimately connected with every aspect of life, yet it has become clear that our relationship with the Earth has gotten seriously out of balance. By activating and awakening a deeper memory of our interconnectedness with all the beings on the planet, we can renew and restore this balance, both physically and spiritually.

I can provide insight into thoughts, feelings, and beliefs just below the surface of your awareness, and can offer a glimpse into the possible direction of relationships, careers, finances, health issues, and other areas. Moreover, these insights can help you alter your thoughts and beliefs so you can make choices that are more congruent and consistent with your soul's purpose.

My single card readings are typically five dollars but around the holidays it seems people need a little more guidance, so I am doing a 3 card spread to help you out three times as much.

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