I will record studio quality drums for your song

record studio quality drums for your song
record studio quality drums for your song
record studio quality drums for your song
record studio quality drums for your song

About This Gig

I will record high quality drum tracks at my home studio for your song! 

-You will get a full drum track to your song that includes stems delivered via dropbox. 
-You can also add the video extra to view me playing your song as well as add the percussion extra to get more sounds on your song!

I have a Grestch USA custom drum kit with Byzance and Zildjian cymbals.

I use a beta 52 on kick, sennheiser 421 on snare top, ksm141 on snare bottom, akg c451b on hi hat, ksm27's on toms, and ksm44's for overheads.

I record using ProTools 12, UAD and WAVES plugins, through an Apogee Symphony using Midas, API, and Manley pre's.

My strongest genres include, Pop, Country, and Singer/Songwriter, as well as some rock and RnB.

***Please order a second gig for any songs over 5 minutes long***

you can check out my credits at kylewmay.com or at the following links:



Order Details

3 days delivery 1 Revision

record studio quality drums

I will record studio quality drums on your song

  • Up to 300 Seconds
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • HQ Audio File

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you pocket your drums?
    For the most part, I pocket only if necessary, otherwise I try to leave it raw and natural.
  • Do you print your signal chain?
    Usually I print basic eq's and compressors. I'd be happy to print any of my verbs as well!
  • Can I request a certain snare sound?
    Yes! I have multiple snare drums to accommodate most genres of music.
  • What is included in the dropbox?
    I include every single mic, as well as a 2mix that includes my mix of the drums on top of your song so you can hear how I picture everything fitting together.
  • Why is your gig more expensive than other drum gigs?
    I play drums and produce for a living. Since this is my career I value my work and always put 100% forth. I have a home studio that is tuned and acoustically treated along with thousands of dollars in audio gear and drum equipment. I will always take the job seriously and do my best work.