I will be your Home Culinary Consultant

be your Home Culinary Consultant

About This Gig

I will work with you via email to enhance, diagnose, or develop the perfect meal for you or your family.  You'll start by letting me know the type of cuisine you want to cook (i.e. Italian, Greek, etc.) and the number of people being served. Alternatively you can provide me with a recipe or meal idea you have and I'll guide you through the process of making it a reality.   With either option, I'll provide you with an ingredient list with detailed, easy to follow instructions on how to prepare the meal. 

While I'm a Data Reconstruction Professional from 9-5, when I get home I put on my Chef's hat and work on my culinary passion every day.   I primarily specialize in European/Mediterranean, but will frequently explore the other flavors of the world and determine possible points of fusion.  I always have at least 3-5 cookbooks checked out from the library and experiment daily.  When constructing a recipe, I utilize elements from the Creative Problem Solving Process (Osborn-Parnes method) to develop novel recipes. 

This is a new venture for me, and I'm excited to work with you as we create something beautiful. I'm a firm believer that anyone has the ability to be a brilliant chef. 

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One Recipe Rescue Consultation

Email consultation to enhance, diagnose, or assemble the perfect recipe for you or your family.

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