I will write 3000 words of any type of fiction you can imagine

write 3000 words of any type of fiction you can imagine
write 3000 words of any type of fiction you can imagine

About This Gig

*I appreciate a message before you order so that we can discuss your project.*

I can write absolutely anything fictional. You can give me as little as a one word prompt or as great as a very detailed outline of all 3000 words.

(Please note, that I reserve the right to use any of the work I write for you, for my own purposes, UNLESS you get the gig extra that gives you full rights.)

Order Details

1 fiction piece

3000 words

  • Up to 3000 Words
14 days delivery 1 Revision
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I want a story to be more than 3000 words, should I just order more than one gig at a time?
    I would prefer you order one gig at a time. I can write 3000 words of the project, submit it to you, and then we can start another gig and I can continue the story where I left off. If I have to craft a long story in the amount of time given for a shorter story, the quality will suffer.
  • Can you write *insert genre here* ?
    Probably! But if you send me a message we can chat and find out if I'm the perfect fit for your project. :)
  • Can you write something Sexual, Religeous, Graphic, Violent, or Educational?
    Everyone knows the saying "Write what you know" and I'm familiar with a lot of things, but my life experience might be different from yours, or I may not be educated in the subject you want written about. Best way to find out if I'm right for your project? Send me a message.