I will advertise your business on my DnD and Fantasy blog

advertise your business on my DnD and Fantasy blog

About This Gig

Aside from my main occupation in 3D rendering, I currently run a Dungeons and Dragons blog and the website is attracting almost 5000 visitors per month and the traffic is growing monthly. The blog is being updated regularly.

I will advertise your product or service on my Dungeons and Dragons blog, starting from only $5.

Will accept adverts for products and services related to:

Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying game products in general.
Roleplaying game props such as polyhedral dice and miniatures.
Fantasy related entertainment (music. movies, books, etc.).
Fantasy artwork.

This list is not exhaustive, so if you have any doubt, get in touch with me today to discuss what you need.

In general, however, the product should be related to fantasy and ideally, Dungeons and Dragons.

You must have your own banner (I will not create them for you). The size of the banner will depend on which ad slot is purchased. If the banner does not match the size of the ad space ordered, it will be re-sized accordingly.

Disclaimer: I make no guarantees that your ad will generate interest from my readers and result in a visit to your site. If you cannot accept this, please do not order this gig.

Order Details

Footer Ad - One Slot Available

I will place your 725 x 90 pixel ad banner on my website footer (One Slot Available)

3 days delivery