I will sell you my Soccer Score Prediction Model

sell you my Soccer Score Prediction Model
sell you my Soccer Score Prediction Model

About This Gig

My Score Prediction Models Will Help You Pick Winners!

I have developed a model for predicting Soccer Football Scores. The Models 
apply filters and sophisticated mathematical techniques for predicting the Winner and Scoreline with the probability and fair value including BTTS and over/under 2.5 Goal markets. 
For FIVE DOLLARS I will deliver the Soccer Score Prediction Model. The model will be DELIVERED within 3-days and you will be on your way to more successful sports score prediction!

Choose from the following New & Improved Models:  

- English Premier League
- English Championship
- German Bundesliga
- French Ligue One
- Spanish LaLiga
- Italian Serie A
- USA Major League Soccer
- Swedish Alsvenskan
- Dutch Eredivisie

For an extra $5 I will develop any model you want (subject to availability of data). 

I will not accept responsibility for how you use the results!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the format of the Score Prediction Models
    The models are developed and accessible in MS Excel (but is known to work in Libre & Google Sheets)
  • Will the Models help me predict winners for my Fantasy Tipping Competition?
    Absolutely! You might even use them to win some money...
  • How do the Models work?
    I've established a database of match results and determine a Team Rating based on Goal Supremacy Theory then model the probable match results using Poisson Distributions.