I will sell you my Soccer Score Prediction Model

sell you my Soccer Score Prediction Model

About This Gig

My Score Prediction Models Will Help You Pick Winners!

I have developed a model for predicting Soccer Football Scores. The Models 
apply filters and sophisticated mathematical techniques for predicting the Winner and Scoreline with the probability and fair value including BTTS and over/under 2.5 Goal markets. 
For FIVE DOLLARS I will deliver the Soccer Score Prediction Model. The model will be DELIVERED within 3-days and you will be on your way to more successful sports score prediction!

Choose from the following New & Improved Models:  

- English Premier League
- English Championship
- German Bundesliga
- French Ligue One
- Spanish LaLiga
- Italian Serie A
- USA Major League Soccer
- Swedish Alsvenskan
- Dutch Eredivisie

For an extra $5 I will develop any model you want (subject to availability of data). 

I will not accept responsibility for how you use the results!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the format of the Score Prediction Models
    The models are developed and accessible in MS Excel (but is known to work in Libre & Google Sheets)
  • Will the Models help me predict winners for my Fantasy Tipping Competition?
    Absolutely! You might even use them to win some money...
  • How do the Models work?
    I've established a database of match results and determine a Team Rating based on Goal Supremacy Theory then model the probable match results using Poisson Distributions.