I will give you a relationship tarot reading plus a 3 card one

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by prettyabby21 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by mcam2819 8 months ago
Although seller seemed very sweet+answered my questions crazy fast the reading was confusing. i didn't understand why we were having a discussion about each part instead of an email reading. at the end there was random cards that i didn't understand. i still didnt an answer and i felt seller was annoyed with me bc i didn't understand this stuff.
Reviewed by ninjasarakicks 10 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by salmeida7 10 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by asriha 11 months ago
good communication
Reviewed by saphire69 12 months ago
OMG She is gifted! I asked her one specific question and she hit the answer the right time the first time! THANK YOU!!!
Reviewed by reena0519 12 months ago
Destacada experiencia! <3 Ella es asombrosa!
Reviewed by burstingbrain about 1 year ago
Fast, detailed, thoughtful reading. Excellent experience. Thanks!
Reviewed by bac233 about 1 year ago
Such a good reading and so on the money,like she knows us personally. Everyone should try her.
Reviewed by jodell535 about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by genuinetarot over 1 year ago
Very detailed reading. Included a picture!!
Reviewed by caryn3d over 1 year ago
Very helpful and big thanks!
Reviewed by misscheese over 1 year ago
This was great, thank you!
Reviewed by misscheese over 1 year ago
Great communication, accurate read into my situation as well. I recommend this reader and her services. Thank you very much.
Reviewed by newkindagency almost 2 years ago
La espera valió la pena, una vez que me hizo la entrega se dió el tiempo para aclarar varias inquietudes ... muchas gracias !!
Reviewed by renenavarroo almost 2 years ago
Spot on! She picked on the my current feelings very in tune! Worth more then what she charges, I will be back! Thank you so much!
Reviewed by ohio7401 about 2 years ago
Thanks a lot, great experience ! Totally recommended !!
Reviewed by wpsupergirl about 2 years ago
Excellent reading! Thank you for your insight.
Reviewed by mimi252 almost 3 years ago
The reading is really close. It's helpful.
Reviewed by potpot almost 4 years ago
give you a relationship tarot reading plus a 3 card one

About This Gig

I will answer any relationship question with a relationship spread, and since I use ten cards for a fiver in my readings, I can answer an extra question or simply give you a past-present-future reading using three cards. It's a relationship reading plus an extra question! Great opportunity! (Please just order this gig if you have a person in mind)