I will translate 500 words from English to French

translate 500 words from English to French

About This Gig

Hello everyone,

I am a French girl currently living in UK. I studied translation and languages at university (three years and I graduated successfully)
I will translate texts you send me as fast as I can from English to French. I'll adapt the language level according to what you will use it for.

/!\ the indicated  time is just and approximation, please note that it can be faster (for a shorter, easy texts or when I don't have too much demands), but it can also take longer (if I have too much demands or if you send a complicated text). It is more likely to take less time, though

The reason why translation from French to English is listed on the "extras" categories is that English is not my mother tongue and that it demands more work to make it as flawless as possible.

Please note that I don't accept specific translation like ingineering or medical or old english texts. 

You are responsible of your actions if you try to send me school assigment or papers, teachers notice that. Let me remind you that it is illegal to cheat for exam papers and exams.