I will critique your English

critique your English

About This Gig

I work as a language assistant, teaching English in a predominantly French area of Canada. As a native English speaker, I spend my days listening to ESL students speak English and I am familiar with the difficulties that ESL students face when trying to learn English as a second language.  

If you purchase this gig, I will listen to an audio or video recording of you speaking English, and then send you a critique of your skills, including commentary on pronunciation, grammar, and word choice. If you're shy or you don't feel confident enough in your English skills to hold a conversation, this can be a quick and easy way to get feedback on how you're doing without getting too stressed out. It can be something that you've prepared in advance, such as a presentation, or it can just be you speaking into the microphone about whatever comes to mind. It's up to you! 

If you purchase the base $5 report, you will get: 
- a written report containing my critique (pointing out mispronounced words, incorrect or awkward word choice or sentence structure, unintelligible sections, etc).