I will record an audio file of your English presentation

record an audio file of your English presentation

About This Gig

ESL students, this gig is for you!

When you're learning a new language, giving a speech or presentation in that language can be daunting. It would be nice if you could hear exactly how every word should be pronounced by a native speaker. This is where I come in!

For $5, I will create an audio file that consists of me reading your English presentation twice - once at a regular pace, and once slowed down in case you are struggling with the pronunciation. 

Please note: I am a native English speaker from Canada, so my accent is a "standard" North American accent. 

The details: 
1 gig ($5) is for a maximum of 1000 words. Please send the document as either a Microsoft Word or Apple Pages file. If you require editing for grammar/structure before I record the audio, please purchase the editing extra ($5). Otherwise, I will read the file verbatim.