I will have Lambie record a special message for you

have Lambie record a special message for you

About This Gig

My name is Lambie. I do videos for kids on YouTube. I've been doing this for almost 3 years. I have over 1 million 400 thousand views & over 2,300 subscribers. I've had many parents ask for me to record a personal message for their child. However, due to time restraints & working on my videos for my channel, I have not been able to do so until now. So why can I not just do this for their kids for free? Mainly, its because I have had SO many people ask for this service that I would have to be taking time away from my day job to fulfill the amount of requests. Exclusively, here on Fiverr, I will record a short video for you. I'll need for you to message me the script of what you would like me to say. It can be any type of message. Examples: Happy birthday, congratulations, keep up the good work, I love you, please do your chores/homework, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Easter, Merry Christmas, etc. Please keep the scripts to a 5 minute minimum & G-rated. Nothing inappropriate will leave Lambie's little mouth! :) Video will be in HD quality. It will also include editing to make your video a truly one of a kind experience!

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