I will attune you to Tachyon Reiki

attune you to Tachyon Reiki
attune you to Tachyon Reiki
attune you to Tachyon Reiki

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Description Tachyon Reiki, Levels 1-3 Tachyon Reiki, Levels 4-6 Tachyon Reiki, Levels 7-9
  Your $5 covers the first 3 levels plus Reiju empowerments for those levels. Your $30 covers the first 6 levels plus Reiju empowerments for those levels. Mastership to all 9 levels is offered in 3 sessions. Certificate and PDF manual included.
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About This Gig

If you are familiar with Usui Reiki or other forms of Reiki healing energies, then Tachyon Reiki will be a nice compliment to those energy systems.  Tachyon energy is often referred to as zero point energy, and the spark of Life within every living cell and is very healing!  Tachyon energy shields and protects against the electromagnetic microwave energy that comes from cell phones, computers, cell phone towers and other electronic devices as well as people emanating unwanted energies.  Magnetize yourself to be in energetic alignment with Universal life force energy and assist in healing our world!

Tachyon Reiki has 9 levels.  Your $5 covers the first 3 levels. Mastership is offered in 3 sessions with a minimum of 3 days wait between each triad.  If you wish to receive all 9 levels at once, then be sure to check off that request in your order. Then, you'll receive a Training Manual and Certificate with payment for a full attunement with the ability to make increasingly stronger tachyon antennas carrying greater range and potency.  If you're interested in playing with the energies initially, then I invite you to check it out. Tachyon energy can be infused into anything!