I will do one tarot card divination for karmic guidance

do one tarot card divination for karmic guidance

About This Gig

I observe magical workings being sold here on Fiverr.  No person should begin a magical working without some prior divination as to the cause, the effect, the surrounding circumstances and the nature of the working at hand. Many times we think our thoughts are noble, when in fact we are being influenced by negative energy.

The Circle Spread Divination method is designed with the guidance of angelic beings to help one reach a state of understanding about who they are, what their motives are, what influences surround them, and what influences surround the situation.  Even if you believe your motives are honorable, in any magical workings that you may partake in the future it is always important to find out what is motivating the situation. Be aware of the influences around you! The source is not as important as understanding what influence they are placing on you. Keep in mind that you are always separate from the situation. You are not the situation.

This Divination, in regards to magical workings, helps you to understand what the probable outcome is if you do/do not perform your magical working.

You will receive an MP3 of my reading plus a JPG image of my spread.

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