I will teach you Natural Earth Magic for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
teach you Natural Earth Magic
teach you Natural Earth Magic

About This Gig

Energy is part of the fabric of matter.  To some it is Chi (from Chinese), Ki (Japanese) or Prana (East Indian). To others it is the life force or breath of the Gods.

Energy is sacred. It is a part of all things. When energy is in a proper state of balance, it moves smoothly through the space it occupies (our homes, our workspace even our bodies).  Balancing this energy is a crucial part of living a healthy and calm life ... a life of your Creation.

I am providing two of my original MP3s, Elemental Evocation and Personal Evocation.  The Elemental Evocation is included in my ebook.  The Personal Evocation, a beautiful daily affirmation to set a positive note for your day, is my Aloha gift to you.

For an additional offering, you get my Earth Magic ebook.  This is a must-have fundamentals guide for your magical practitioner's notebook detailing all you need to manifest your Will into your reality. You will receive my ebook PDF, which clearly maps out instructions, rituals and evocations to give you the tools to creatively work towards your Highest Good with assistance from the Elements and Elementals.

Walk with me and let's work our magic with the elements of Nature.

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