I will send my 100 page Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide for $5

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send my 100 page Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide
send my 100 page Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide
Amazing ideas, thoughts and inspiration. Can't wait to dive into it all.
Reviewed by clairebusch 21 days ago
thank you .. great experience which I hope keeps going A++++++++++++++++ HIGH RECOMMEND
Reviewed by perpd 22 days ago
Precise. Professional. Fast. Any of these words could be Lance's second name. :)
Reviewed by sakharov about 1 month ago
Wonderful, thank you!
Reviewed by louchilla76 about 2 months ago
Thank you very much , Super fast
Reviewed by romangadgets 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by simtrakenvision 5 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by madelinedeparis 6 months ago
Super Fast Delivery! Very helpful and informative material! Thank you!
Reviewed by alohaphotovideo 6 months ago
Super Cool!!
Reviewed by terrypernell 7 months ago
Awesome, thanks! If I need any help with the project — I'll be back for sure!
Reviewed by frommetowho 8 months ago
looks good thx
Reviewed by gregoryjlewis 8 months ago
Lance is always helpful and sends thorough information quickly. Highest recommendation!
Reviewed by paigepromotions 8 months ago
great service thanks
Reviewed by theycame 9 months ago
Lance provided an excellent information which will be very useful to our company. Thanks again for a job well done.
Reviewed by jamtan 11 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by dmcswain 11 months ago
Fast delivery
Reviewed by kango88 11 months ago
Excellent Service!!!
Reviewed by superlogic 12 months ago
very detailled step by step guide and checklists with very valuable tips and descriptions. Outstanding Gig - very helpful to me -Thanks a lot !
Reviewed by ivo008 12 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by cheftummy 12 months ago
Looks like a lot of good information after skimming through the material. I look forward to looking through it in more detail. Thanks!
Reviewed by dancarmen about 1 year ago
send my 100 page Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide
send my 100 page Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide

About This Gig

For a limited time, I will send you my 100+ page Comprehensive Crowdfunding Guide with expert tools, tips and advice to help you plan and launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The Guide includes:

  1. Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist
  2. Help determining your project costs
  3. Guidance on what perks/rewards to offer with 50+ perk/reward ideas from successful crowdfunding campaigns, organized by industry, amount raised and number of backers. It also includes a worksheet so you can plan out your perks and rewards.
  4. Crowdfunding Video storyboard template and example storyboards
  5. Effective social media strategies for your campaign
  6. Tips on which platform to use: Indiegogo or Kickstarter?
  7. And much much more
Once you've started with the guide, check out my gig extras for ways that I can help you with your campaign!