I will setup Syndwire Order in 24 hours

setup Syndwire Order in 24 hours

About This Gig

For just 5$, we will register all sites listed in Syndwire.

You must have your own Syndwire registered before the order.

Require details :

1. Full Name (for ex: John Carter)
2. Username (it must be without dots, and make sure that it must be available on gmail.com)
If you already setup Gmail yourself , then we need its pass details also.

Extras :

1. If you pay $5 more - we will add profile pic, city, state, zipcode, country in all sites. (Add details of above fields if you paid extra)
2. If you pay $5 more - we will add website link in all sites
(add website link in require details if you paid for it)
3. If you pay $5 more - We will connect sites to your Syndwire account (we need your Syndwire Login and Password for it)

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