I will complete almost any web related task

complete almost any web related task

About This Gig

Hello there, my name is Joakim. I'm 19 years old living in Stockholm, Sweden. I am currently studying, so this is a part time job to improve my skills and increase my productivity.

I have severals years of experience, in the web development industry. My potential is incredibly wide, and i know various web techniques and principles. Responsive design is a must these days, as well as cross browser compatibility. Security and efficiency go hand in hand when i'm involved. The back-end might be the most logical yet most important factor when building web applications, but having a unique yet elegant design is a must for satisfaction.

Techniques i master:
  • PHP 7 / MySQL
  • CSS / CSS3
  • HTML / HTML5
  • Bootstrap / Foundation
  • Javascript / JQuery

Other experiences i master
  • Logo designing in vector and photoshop
  • Video editing in Final Cut Pro X / Motion 5

Contact me before making an order. To discuss the project details, price and timeframe.

Order Details

Web development

I'll build almost anything web related. Please note my mastered techniques.

  • Include Source Code
3 days delivery