About This Gig

why are you getting these gigs that go "10 web2 tier 1, then 100 social bookmarks and 100 wiki links for tier 2". Do you WANT? to be caught by Google, it's pretty easy, even for Google to figure out that if all of a sudden you have 10 web2's pointing to your site, that miraculously also has 10 wiki links and 10 social books, looks kinda SUSPICIOUS! Yes, this isn't your regular fiverr sales pitch, i give it to you straight, i do SEO, i don't give you fluff or an obvious footprint! You'll get at least (pr1 and above) 50 to 100 wiki links + 50 to 100 social bookmarks + to to 100 article directories for Tier 1, I will mix in some social networks and some web 2's. Yea you see that? lots of Diverse Links. Why do you look at the COOKIE CUTTER, easily seen FOOTPRINT of "10web2 tier 1, 100 wiki/bookmarks tier 2"? because it's easy to do!, i could do that in literally 3minutes, but this random chaos of links takes work. All i need 1. Url 2. Keywords, no pron, hate speech gambling, etc, I'll do Kontent Machine, I have lots of SEO Tools, BONUS i'll create a tier 2 of random article directories/wiki/social bookmarks, Everything goes to Lindexed for indexing, All Dripfed Penguin Safe.