I will check the security of your website or server

check the security of your website or server

About This Gig

Expert Solutions to protect your Linux/OpenWRT/FreeBSD/Solaris/Windows server or VPS from hackers attacks.

  • Security check.
  • Secure SSH.
  • Install and configure Fail2ban/denyhosts.
  • Setup Iptables.
  • Analyze server logs.
  • Fix security issues.
  • Analyze website for security holes
  • Check for SQL injection
  • regular security check and security analyzes.

The fees for these services depends on the situation size of
the website and server starting from $5.

100% Moneyback Guarantee if you are not satisfied with my work

Maximum time to complete these tasks is 10 Days, I may have
pending orders to work on. so if you are in a harry you will have
to order this with ExtraFast option, which costs $20.